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    The Gunman and the Would-Be Dictator

    Violence stalks the president who has rejoiced in violence to others. By David Frum When a madman hammered nearly to death the husband of then–House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump jeered and mocked. One of [...]
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    Biden is doing the right thing on asylum

    A wise middle ground between Trump’s insanity and an unserious left. By Matthew Yglesias After House Republicans killed a bipartisan border security bill at Trump’s request earlier this year, there were widespread rumors that the [...]
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    The Politics of Fear Itself

    Fear is not what’s driving Americans to support Trump—it is, instead, how many justify their support. By Peter Wehner A few months ago, I had an email exchange with a person who works in the [...]



Analysis and Opinions

Could Ted Cruz Lose Reelection?

by Sean Trende – RCP The early conventional wisdom appears to be that Sen. Ted Cruz is in solid shape for reelection in 2024. Cook’s Political Report rates the race as “Likely R,” as does […]

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